Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Perception of God

As a child, I was told to be God-Fearing. So I was inclined to ritualistic religion without pondering much over the existence of God or why fear God and not love God. Most likely because it was commonly prevalent in the society. As I grew up, I wondered if God really existed and heard my prayers and watched me performing the rituals, especially when I rushed through my prayers. I had no answer till destiny lead me to the study of Vedanta.

Gradually I learnt that God is not someone sitting on a high tribunal and waiting to reward or punish for ones good or bad acts. He is our very own. All are his children. He is always guiding us through our inner conscience - the voice of God is within each and every human being, if we make an attempt to listen the subtle voice within.

As I realized this fact recently, now my perception of God has taken a turn from God-Fearing to God-Loving. I can feel the communion with God at all times.


  1. Nice article! Let us learn to see the god in ourselves and others. Waiting for more

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